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What are the ULTIMATE plant-based foods for your health AND for the planet?

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It’s time for a food revolution

Is what you eat part of the problem… or part of the solution?

An ongoing global pandemic.

A climate crisis threatens to make drought, floods, and food shortages a new normal.

And right now, billions of people are suffering from chronic health issues like obesity, heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune issues, and more — fueled by diets high in processed foods and low in nutrients.

A plant-based, whole foods diet can help to keep your immune system strong and protect you from the worst health afflictions of our time.

It’s also one of the top things you can do to be part of the solution on planet Earth.

And most will agree that the cruel conditions of factory farming must stop.

The Stakes Have Never Been So High.

The good news is…

We’re on the cusp of a true food revolution, with more people than ever realizing that food can be a huge part of the solution.

Not just someday, but right now.

However, while millions of people are trying to eat better, there’s still rampant confusion about what’s truly healthy.

Some people are going plant-based (which can be awesome!) without learning the simple basics — and suffering from serious (and avoidable!) nutritional deficiencies.

Others are simply swapping carbs for fat, or fat for carbs, or loading up on supplements — and still missing out on critical nutrients they need. — which are still highly processed, full of chemicals, and won’t give you the nutrients you need.

Misinformation is at an all-time high.

Rest assured.

When you join the Food Revolution Summit, you’ll get the most current research on food, nutrition, disease prevention, immune health — and how the same foods that protect you from chronic illness can also help to restore our planet!

This is urgent!

Pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and toxic chemicals are spreading through our food supply — disrupting immune systems, ravaging ecosystems, and sowing chaos worldwide.

They undermine your health and create the conditions for rampant disease. The status quo is no longer an option.

It’s more important than ever to find out the truth. NOW.

These experts are sharing their #1 strategies to optimize your immune system, prevent disease, and be part of the solution on planet earth — with simple, wholesome, and delicious food!

Learn From These 25 Trusted Authorities

In audio interviews conducted by John Robbins, food movement luminary and best-selling author of Diet for A New America

Robynne Chutkan, MD

The Antiviral Gut

Dr. Chutkan discusses new understandings about the intimate connection between the food you eat and the trillions of microbes that make up your microbiome, and how you can use this knowledge to create superior gut health and immune health.

Dean Ornish, MD

The Low-Cost Prescription for Disease Prevention

Simple, affordable, and proven lifestyle changes can slash the risk of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and obesity — and bring more pleasure, more peace, and more vitality.

William Li, MD

Super Foods for Super Immunity

Find out about the specific foods that can protect us from viral and bacterial infections, as well as from the most serious chronic illnesses of our time. This is critical information — in a pandemic, and beyond!

Kristi Funk, MD

Foods That Beat Breast Cancer

Breast cancer expert Dr. Kristi Funk will share the top 5 cancer-kicking foods, the 4 lifestyle habits to adopt immediately, and the real truth about whether or not to eat soy.

Joel Fuhrman, MD

7 Foods to Slow (Even Reverse!) Aging

Dr. Joel Fuhrman will share the top foods to eat daily to blow past the average lifespan, stay healthy, and keep youthful vitality at age 80, 90, and up.

Uma Naidoo, MD

Nutrition and Mental Health

Stunning breakthroughs in the field of nutritional psychiatry highlight specific foods that could fight depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, and other mental health challenges.

Will Bulsiewicz, MD

Fiber, Microbes, & Your Health

Optimizing the gut microbiome is key to sharp immunity, low cholesterol, and steady weight loss. The key is adding the right kinds of fiber, in the right way, to avoid gas, bloating, and discomfort — and for maximum healthy results.

Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD

Breaking Free of Food Addiction

Certain foods are as addictive as street drugs — hijacking the brain’s dopamine system and contributing to an obesity epidemic. New breakthroughs show how it’s possible to rewire the brain to dispel unhealthy cravings and lose weight permanently.

Haile Thomas

Feeding Joy

Get inspired by the profound wisdom and brilliant spirit of one of the rising stars in the food revolution movement. You might want a box of tissues handy, because Haile will touch your heart as she inspires you to take positive action for a more joyful and meaningful life.

Dean & Ayesha Sherzai, MD

The Answer to Alzheimer’s

Stunning new research reveals the real causes of dementia, and how most cases can be prevented. Get the truth about the specific foods and fats that help (and hurt) cognitive performance, memory, productivity, and more.

Joel Kahn, MD

Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal

Dr. Joel Kahn will share plant foods that are found to help protect from pandemics and cardiovascular disease — and the truth about bone broth, lectins, ketogenic diets, TMAO, and the most important inflammatory marker for heart health.

Terry Mason, MD

The Phenomenal Power of Plants

A “steak a day” diet landed urologist Dr. Terry Mason on the operating table — where his eyes were first opened to a new way of eating that can keep inflammation levels healthy, root out disease, and even increase sexual health.

David Perlmutter, MD

The Hidden Truth About Uric Acid

Most people have never heard of uric acid, but Dr. David Perlmutter will show how it’s directly linked to weight loss, blood sugar balance, and how long (and how well) we live. Learn which foods are connected to uric acid, and get the truth about coffee, alcohol, nuts, and seeds.

Columbus Batiste, MD

Why It’s Time to Be S-E-L-F-I-S-H with Your Heart

One of the world’s top cardiologists explains why it’s good to be selfish (with spirituality, exercise, love, food, intimacy, sleep, and humor) to prevent and even reverse heart disease.

Reshma Shah, MD, MPH

Healthy Food for Healthy Families

Learn how to feed your family well (without losing your mind!) and how to lovingly and effectively encourage your loved ones to adopt healthier food choices.

Andrew Kimbrell, JD

Creating a New Food Future

Learn highly effective ways to create a climate-friendly agricultural system, and protect farmers, the environment, and our families from dangerous pesticides and a toxic food system.

George Monbiot

Feeding the World Without Destroying the Planet

Join journalist George Monbiot for real, scientifically grounded solutions to some of the most alarming crises of our times, including hunger, species extinction, and climate chaos — and find out how to be part of the solution on planet Earth three times a day.

Kim Williams, MD

The Proven Way to Slash Heart Disease Risk

New studies tell us how to protect ourselves from cardiovascular disease. Join Dr. Kim Williams as he shares the latest science on dairy products, triglycerides, coronary calcium scores, the keto diet, and the different kinds of cholesterol.

Monica Aggarwal, MD

The Inflammation Solution

Dr. Aggarwal will share her heartening story of recovery from arthritis using natural tools, and her prescription for bringing down chronic inflammation with diet and lifestyle.

Michael Klaper, MD

The Science of Wellness

Your body was meant to thrive! And with the right fuel, it can prevent disease, restore balance, and recover from illness. Dr. Klaper will explain what the latest research tells us about wellness, and the dietary pattern that can make all the difference.

Neal Barnard, MD

Plant-Based Protection

From mood to memory problems, and from medications to menopause, Dr. Neal Barnard will share how it’s possible to liberate health with a well implemented whole foods plant-based diet.

Brooke Goldner, MD

How to Prevent & Reverse Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Goldner will share what goes inside of the world’s healthiest green smoothies, what constitutes a truly anti-inflammatory diet, and how to stay happy and hopeful even when facing a serious illness.

Doug Evans

The Life-Changing Magic of Sprouts

Sprouts are delicious and can double the antioxidant levels, triple the vitamin C, and quadruple the level of fiber in plants. Doug Evans shares how to unleash the power of the world’s most nutritious food for just pennies a day, right on the counter!

Leah Garcés

Turning Adversaries into Allies: How to Change the Chicken Industry

Get the truth about factory-farmed chicken (even if it’s labeled cage-free, hormone-free, or all-natural), and how to leverage the power of compassion to change the world for the better.

John and Ocean Robbins

Heal Your Body & Your World — With Food!

John and Ocean will deliver an inspiring finale to help you put the top lessons from the Summit to use in your life. Year after year, the Finale is a top highlight of the Summit. Make sure you join in!

John & Ocean Robbins
Summit Hosts

Each interview is hosted by Ocean Robbins and personally conducted by best-selling author and food movement leader, John Robbins. John's best-selling books about food and health have sold more than 2 million copies, and he knows how to dive deep, getting answers that have the power to steer the course of humanity and the fate of the planet. Following each interview, Ocean will be there live to answer questions, share top takeaways, and reveal what’s waiting for you in the next inspiring interview.

Claim your free spot in the 11th annual Food Revolution Summit today!

Sign up for the 11th Annual Food Revolution Summit and experience it all right now!

An Important Message From Author John Robbins:

The good news is that more people than ever are asking, “Is a plant-based diet right for me?”

I’ve promoted a plant-based diet for decades, so you may imagine how immensely pleased I am to see the explosion of interest in the last few years. This grassroots movement has turned into a worldwide phenomenon, and the majority of people now want to eat fewer animal products for all the health, ethical, and environmental reasons.

But plant-based eating is still controversial, and some people who make the switch are not eating in a way that gives them the incredible benefits of this way of life. Their diets are still loaded with refined carbohydrates, sugars, vegetable oils, and not enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts. And as a result, their health can suffer.

At the same time, widespread fear and rampant misinformation are on the rise. With the advent of fake news, it’s no longer enough to just “trust science” or the mainstream media. We need facts that come directly from unbiased, high-quality research.

The modern diet is driving epidemic rates of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, asthma, and hypertension — all of which are known risk factors for an increased chance of COVID-19 hospitalization and worse.

The truth is we STILL live in a toxic food culture. Many of the same companies that make unhealthy processed food with animal products are now just cashing in on the plant-based trend, without any care about real nutrition or environmental sustainability.

It’s time to rise up, get the facts, and be the change!

This is why we’ve created this virtual Summit. So you can get the latest insights, get involved, get even healthier than you are now, and be part of the solution.

I’ve hand-selected every expert we’ve invited to be a part of this Summit. I’ve read their books and articles, dug deeply into their research, and crafted the exact questions so you can get to the heart of their specific expertise.

How does participation work?

During the Food Revolution Summit, you’ll hear 25 highly focused, 45+ minute interviews I’m conducting with our brilliant panel of experts. These audio interviews will be broadcast free of charge throughout the Summit. After each interview broadcast, Ocean will share his top take-aways and answer questions from summit participants.

What if you miss a presentation?

No problem. There are recordings, transcripts, and many other resources available to you as part of an optional upgrade package.

So please join us in getting informed, and standing up for your health and for the planet!

And please invite your friends and family to the 11th annual Food Revolution Summit.

I promise you’ll feel nourished, inspired, and empowered!


Best-selling Author of Diet for a New America

Co-Founder of Food Revolution Network and Co-Host of the Food Revolution Summit

What Makes the Food Revolution Summit Special?

  • Hear the top experts in the world share how you can stay healthy — pandemic, or no pandemic.
  • Every presenter is dedicated to explaining complex health information in language that’s easy to understand.
  • You’ll hear the latest in this year’s breaking scientific research, coming directly from peer-reviewed studies.
  • Millions of people have joined in over the last decade to learn the natural foods and healthy lifestyle habits to prevent — and yes even reverse — disease.
  • There’s never been a better time to put your health and the planet’s health first. (Safely, from the comfort of your home!)
  • Most people won’t hear this mission-critical information from their doctors, on television, or find it on the internet.
  • You’ll leave each Summit interview feeling inspired, informed, MOTIVATED, and hopeful for yourself, for your family, and the world.

Consider these facts…

Your immune system can be seriously compromised by poor dietary and lifestyle choices. A compromised immune system can lead to serious illness.
Because health typically declines as you age, it becomes especially important to eat more immune-optimizing foods as you get older. Good news: It’s never too late to start!
Dozens of highly credible studies tell us that you can prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, obesity, memory loss, constipation, fatigue, and many forms of cancer — just by eating healthy, delicious food.(1)
Current practices in animal agriculture are a PRIMARY source of greenhouse gas emissions.
In the last generation, childhood hospitalization rates for food allergies have tripled. And it’s all connected to the food we eat!(2)
Factory farms aren’t just cruel to animals. They're also breeding antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which are expected to soon kill an estimated 700,000 people each year. And we don’t need them.(3)
Toxic pesticides, developed as agents of war, are linked to cancer, sterility, and birth defects. They’re routinely poured on farmland and traces of them wind up in the food you eat. But there are better, safer, and more effective alternatives!(4)

It’s time to make FOOD the foundation of your health. Your body will thank you for the rest of your life.

Claim your free spot in the 11th annual Food Revolution Summit today!

Sign up for the 11th Annual Food Revolution Summit and experience it all right now!

The Food Revolution Summit is for you if:

Immune health is a priority to you — and you want the most current expert advice to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community.
You want to be lean and energetic — and avoid getting sick — now and in the future.
You want to contribute to a healthy planet now and for all future generations.
You’re young (or young at heart!) and want to perform at your best and stay healthy.
You’re in your 50s, 60s, or beyond and want to stay in shape and stay active.
You want to see through the hype and find out what the data really says about gluten, carbs, sugar, and animal products.
You want ongoing inspiration to protect yourself and your loved ones from misleading labels, bogus marketing, and toxic foods.
You love eating delicious food that isn’t full of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs.
You think that farmers and animals deserve a decent quality of life.
You want to be a positive role model to the people you love.
You love good food!

Join the food revolution

Get the latest updates, breaking news, and expert information about healthy, humane, sustainable, and delicious food.

It’s time to get the TRUTH and get empowered to change your life and the lives of people you love — and to be a part of the solution on planet earth.

Claim your free spot in the 11th annual Food Revolution Summit today!

Sign up for the 11th Annual Food Revolution Summit and experience it all right now!

Join the free Summit and get answers to these critical questions:

What does staying healthy during a pandemic have in common with staying healthy beyond it? (HINT: a lot!)
Since your immune health is linked to diet and environmental factors, which are the most important foods to eat every day?
Why do some vegans and vegetarians thrive, but some get sick? Get the critical nutrient facts you must know.
What’s the truth about grass-fed beef and “humanely raised” animal products? Are they really better, or are they overpriced hype?
Which foods contribute to climate change, and which significantly reduce your carbon footprint?
How can you be a positive influence on the people you love without nagging… And get your family to eat nutrient-rich foods instead of looking at you like a nut?
Why are 1 in 3 people expected to get type 2 diabetes by 2050(5), and what can you do to reduce your odds?
What should you eat, and what should you avoid, if you want to use FOOD to fight Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia?
Since 90% of all cancers are linked to lifestyle and environmental factors(6), what foods should you eat every day if you want to beat cancer?
What if you eat pretty well, but still have some nagging health problems that just won’t go away? What’s the real root cause? And what else might you be at risk for?
Can you really make yourself virtually “heart disease proof” without drugs or surgery?(7)
What foods cause weight loss — without restrictive dieting?
How can you come together with hundreds of thousands of peers in the largest convergence of food revolutionaries in history — safely and without having to go anywhere? (Right Here!)

The Summit will empower you to live your healthiest life!

How You’ll Feel After the Summit…

  • Informed with credible and clear action steps so you can take charge of your health.
  • Confident about which foods are best for you.
  • Inspired and hopeful about your future.
  • Part of a food movement that empowers you to contribute to a better future for everyone.

Your hosts and co-founders of Food Revolution Network:

John Robbins

John Robbins could have inherited the Baskin-Robbins empire. But he walked away from the money and the power. Why? He simply didn’t want to devote his life to selling ice cream after realizing it makes people unhealthy. So, he decided to make a change.

Over the last 35 years, his books about healthy eating and healthy living (including bestsellers Diet for a New America and The Food Revolution) have sold millions of copies and been translated into more than 31 languages.

Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins was born in a log cabin built by his parents and grew up eating food they grew on the land together. He is CEO of the 700,000+ member Food Revolution Network.

Ocean has spoken in person to more than 250,000 people in 65+ nations. He is the author of the national bestseller, 31-Day Food Revolution, has served as a professor for Chapman University, and is recipient of the national Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service and the Freedom’s Flame Award.

Claim your free spot in the 11th annual Food Revolution Summit today!

Sign up for the 11th Annual Food Revolution Summit and experience it all right now!
It’s critical that you make healthy choices about the food you eat and feed your family. But there’s so much conflicting information from so many sources…

How do you know where to go for the truth, or who to trust?

We created the Summit specifically to give you a resource you can depend on. This is why in the Summit, we gather some of the world's most respected food and health experts. And with John Robbins guiding every interview, you can rest assured that what you hear is credible and empowering. This Summit is designed to be healing for your mind and spirit, as well as for your body. And you can get it all in one place — easily, conveniently, and safely, from the comfort of your home.

Join the world’s most respected visionaries, authors, and experts and RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH and the PLANET’S HEALTH with the FOOD YOU EAT!

Claim your free spot in the 11th annual Food Revolution Summit today!

Sign up for the 11th Annual Food Revolution Summit and experience it all right now!


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