Make Food the Foundation
of Your Health!

You’ll discover simple but powerful things you can do to make your food choices empower your health.

The right diet has incredible power to improve the health of people…
and the planet.

It’s a scientifically proven fact.

The #1 way to prevent chronic disease starts with the food
on your plate.

And yet, most people are understandably confused about what they
should be eating.

In the 2019 Food Revolution Summit…

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The Food Revolution Summit is the place to learn how we can change our lives and our planet, together!

Co-hosted by John Robbins, bestselling author of Diet for A New America
and Ocean Robbins, author of the bestseller, 31-Day Food Revolution

Joel Fuhrman, MD

What Nutritional Excellence Can Do For You

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Christiane Northrup, MD

Secrets for Thriving at Every Age

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Dean Ornish, MD

4 Simple Solutions You Can Use To Reverse Disease

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Vani Hari

Say “NO!” To Toxic Food

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Mark Hyman, MD

What You Can Do To Stop Industrial Food

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Vandana Shiva, PhD

It’s Time To Feed A Healthy World (We Can Do It!)

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Neal Barnard, MD

The Food & Hormone Connection You Need To Know

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Marco Borges

How To Be A Healthy & Positive Influence

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Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD

Loving Foods That Love You Back

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Anthony William

Why Celery Juice, Fruits, & Vegetables Can Heal Chronic Illness

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Rich Roll

The Plant-Power Way To Achieve Peak Performance

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David Perlmutter, MD

Breakthroughs You Need To Know For A Healthy Brain

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Chris Wark

How Chris Beat Cancer (& You Can Too!)

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Joel Kahn, MD

The Amazing Whole Heart Solution

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Kristi Funk, MD

What Everyone Needs To Know About Breast Cancer

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William Li, MD

What You Need To Know To Beat Disease With Food

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Michael Klaper, MD

It’s The Food! Keys To A Long, Healthy, & Happy Life

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Justin and Erica Sonnenburg, PhD

Easy Steps For Keeping You & Your Gut Happy

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Ron Finley

How To Grow Thriving Communities

Learn More

Saray Stancic, MD

Lifestyle Medicine: The Common Sense Solution To The Chronic Illness Epidemic

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Jeffrey Smith

What You NEED To Know About GMOs

Learn More

Susan Benigas

Remarkable Ways Healthcare Is Improving

Learn More

Kim Williams, MD

Eating For A Healthy Heart & A Thriving Life

Learn More

Andrew Kimbrell, JD

Food Safety: How To Protect Your Family

Learn More

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Want a world where everyone has safe and healthy food? We do, too!

For every Empowerment Package purchased, we make a donation to Trees for the Future, enabling them to plant another organic fruit or nut tree in a low-income community.

These People's Lives Were Changed by The Food Revolution Summit.

Last year I had a few months of serious immune issues where I was sick, and every time I healed, I kept getting sick all over again. Eventually, my doctors said they had no idea how to help me. So, I took matters into my own hands and that, thankfully, is when I found the Food Revolution Summit.

I got the Empowerment Package and would play the recordings in the evenings while sitting on the couch. What I learned inspired me to go plant-strong, and for the last year I have had excellent health. What’s even more remarkable is that my husband overheard me listening to the recordings and wound up participating in the whole experience with me. Now he has joined me in my food choices – and we didn’t have to struggle about it at all! He just listened and chose on his own. Now I can feel confident in our health decisions, and my husband is fully on board! This also impacts my young daughter’s health and future. Thank you for empowering us and changing the trajectory of our lives!

Marium Abugasea Heidt

Cortland, NY

My mother’s life was transformed by the Food Revolution Summit. Up until last year, she ate a standard American diet.

She wound up suffering from severe malnutrition, having to undergo the most invasive procedure that can be performed on a human being, and having to stay in intensive care for over two months. But thanks to John and Ocean and the Food Revolution Summits, when she finally got out of the hospital, we knew what my mother needed to eat to regain her health. Now she is back home, eating a more nutritious, low-GMO, whole foods-based diet. All my relatives say she looks great. I am so glad that we got my mom back! The lessons of the Food Revolution Summit have impacted my family in the most personal of ways.

Michael Jansen, Jr.

White Bear Lake, MN

I have been a dietitian for 30 years and thought I knew a lot, but I was enlightened by the Food Revolution Summit.

It opened my eyes regarding factory farming, processed food, GMOs, and many other important issues that impact our lives and our world. The way I eat has changed dramatically. I also have a new passion for food policy. I have learned important information that I now share with clients, co-workers, friends, and family. I have enriched many lives with the terrific education that the summit gave me. Thank you so much.

Maureen Eyerman, M.S., R.D., C.D.E.

Waterford, CA

The Food Revolution Summit gave me the information and inspiration to give up sugar.

The effects on my health were so profound that I created The Sweet Life detox program to help others experience the joys of life without sugar. We’ve seen weight, and a wide range of chronic health problems, melt away. You’ve shown me that every choice and every person matters. Bless you!

Carol Corley

Little Rock, AR

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